17 July, 2008

Internship Project

So I'm working on a marketing plan for my internship, which I am finally able to get back to now that summer classes and my birthday are over. By the way the party was a great time and I am soooo happy to have a social life again now that I am 21! Haha. Anyway I'm working on identifying the target market for Tri-State's future marketing efforts based on a bunch of membership data in an Excel spreadsheet. I wanted to post the Google map I made to see if it works, and looks like it does! This shows all the current member locations (zip codes, not exact addresses):

My marketing plan is gonna be hot hot hot. Gotta love Google!

Come to think of it, this automatically-generated map saves a lottt of time compared to when I had to make a Photoshop version to update the marketing materials for my internship at Vollmer a few years back. Even though it took me a while to enter in all the data for the cities and zipcodes on Google, you can always add or delete points easily and the map is totally interactive. If we had a database with exact office addresses, there is even a tool to turn the Excel spreadsheet right into a format Google can recognize. It didn't work with just the zipcodes but imagine the possibilities... what if people wanted to upload their own office information to the Tri-State map, so others could easily find them? Their privacy might be kaput but hey, who needs privacy anymore... read my entry "I See Hooters" for more.

16 July, 2008

Gladiator Sandals

I had to smile when I saw that even the 3D community is picking up on my favorite stiletto style of the moment...

Atardecer by Ravenhair

Black Gladiators

Re-texturing called Nichibotsu by Moyra

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