03 February, 2012

Oops, I Guest Posted Again

Around midnight last night, I finally finished a guest blog post on my former university professor's site, "Business School Presenting." It had been in the works and on my to-do list for a very long time, so I'm both excited and relieved to finally have it posted on Dr. Ridgley's site, whose URL makes me laugh.

Go on over to http://www.ihatepresentations.com/?p=2845 to read my article about some very basic personal branding steps.

If you're still here, I just want to make a quick point about blogging in general -- and how it's not easy to find time to write quality content and balance all of your other real-life, big-girl responsibilities, especially when you're not getting "paid" for it, but it's rewarding in its own rights, as both an exercise and a sort of time capsule -- and then maybe sometime today I will finally go to bed.

Yes, it is noon and I have been awake, with no caffeine, for at least 24 hours. One conference call to go and then I'm setting myself free for the evening and quite possibly the rest of the weekend.


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