14 October, 2007

Fly Away

I went home this weekend, for my dear mentor Erin's going away party. Not that I see her very much anyway, but she is moving to Hong Kong for 8 months and that is quite a trip. The song "Only One Call Away" by Chingy comes to mind, as an antithesis to the situation.

I got a lot accomplished at home. A lot of which has to do with my life here in Philly. Bought shades for my apartment to replace the dirty broken blinds which are probably causing my immune system a lot of distress. Toothbrush holders for both bathrooms. A dish drainer. A switchplate for my bedroom light. And more useless comfort items that make our lives in America so wonderful. Plus my Aunt Leslie brought me a battery-powered drill, asserting "Every girl needs power tools!" as she handed it to me on Saturday. Power to the feminists!

Came back to my apartment and installed aforementioned switchplate, toothbrush holders, dish drainer. Shades still TBI: one is a hair too wide and must be taken back to Home Depot.

And now there is a fly buzzing around my room. Fly away, fly! Safe flight tomorrow, Erin :-(

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