24 November, 2007

Black Friday

My first Black Friday ever went something like this:

  • Wake up at 6:30 am when Sidney calls
  • Fall back asleep until about 7 am after staying up until at least 12:30 on Thanksgiving
  • Shower and leave house around 9 am after breakfast, directions, and magazine reviewing
  • Drive to Fort Lee to meet Sidney, on the way passing through the Express EZ Pass by accident instead of using the cash lane
  • Arrive at his house around 10 am
  • Drive with Sidney to Verizon store to get him a replacement phone after a toilet-bowl incident
  • Wait for Sidney, who emerges from Verizon store frustrated and disgruntled due to a magic monitor in the store which had rearranged the names on the waiting list right before his turn
  • Drive halfway to Garden State Plaza before becoming annoyed with traffic and turning around in favor of Palisades Center
  • Search for parking for a good 20 minutes
  • Debate over eating options and search for food court to get energy back up; indulge
  • Begin shopping at Express for Men; help Sid pick out 3 shirts
  • Enter Express (for women) and pick out one shirt; not finding the proper shirt to go under it, check out, realizing that the 20% discount for the day would only be applied to merchandise purchased before 11 am - now long past - and that sales tax is applicable in New York
  • Leave mall, still not understanding the whole fuss of Black Friday as Sidney and I had each purchased merchandise at full-price anyway
  • Return home, meet Sidney's family, see a movie, take a nap, go out to eat, sleep

Overall a great day unrelated to Black Friday. Maybe next year we will plan our adventure earlier than the night of Thanksgiving, wake up early, and buy electronics.

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