19 March, 2008

Roma - Chunk 5

*I am doing these updates in a series of chunks because it’s too much for one post!

DAY 10

Goodbye, Spring Break.

Homa Roma again.
I’m glad to be back. Especially because it feels about 60 degrees outside and spring-y in contrast to the Prague and Berlin climates. The Romans are all still bundled up in their winter jackets but I’ve left mine at home these past two days.

It also helps that all the stores have their spring collections out, no more winter left-overs, and I just bought myself a dress, two pairs of shoes, and a gorgeous handbag that I love to death had-to-have. Oops.

If you want to see all 321 of my Spring Break photos, and some of Sara's, and maybe order some prints or just bask in their beauty, click HERE.

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