25 November, 2008

Kodak Moments: Have they disappeared?

In my technology in marketing class this semester, we've been discussing social media and how companies can use this new platform to build their brands and relationships with consumers. My group did a breast cancer awareness plan for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure football game/fundraiser back in October, and a social media plan for the Kodak brand last week.

Our big idea for Kodak was to revitalize the brand by building on the "spontaneous" factor of a Kodak Moment. Our viral marketing would center around a "Make this Your Moment" contest encouraging uploads to the online photo-sharing service. Video clips of faceless characters in humorous situations would be propagated around the web to drive traffic to the contest site.

Here's the PowerPoint we presented to the class (some weird buggy things happened while uploading online, though):

Kodak Moments: Social Media / Rebranding Proposal for an Old Favorite

Social Media Plan for Kodak by Jared Fink, Justin Goh, Sean McCulley, & Amy Pospiech Our Goal Today • Discuss the Kodak brand and discuss how it is currently perceived in the minds of consumers • Re-introduce the “Kodak Moment” • Discuss challenges and opportunities in leveraging this brand equity • Reveal the proposed Kodak Moments Social Media Campaign Background: The idea of a “Kodak moment” dates back to 1888, when George Eastman put the first simple camera into the hands of consumers. Our social media plan will revitalize this idea of an unexpected moment captured by an amateur photographer on film, using a buzz marketing campaign urging users to “Make this Your Kodak Moment.” What is Kodak now? • Kodak is known for its ease-of-use. With its Kodak EasyShare camera and PerfectTouch photo processing, it is aimed at the novice or busy individual. Even the essence of a “Kodak moment” is captured by this quick, even spontaneous theme. Brand Model: Old A Kodak Moment is… • An event for which you or someone wished someone nearby had a camera to take a picture. “When we went to the zoo Amanda fell into the gorilla cage. It was such a Kodak moment!” by kalley treay Jul 3, 2007 • A rare, one time, moment that is captured by a picture, or should have been captured by a picture. “Aww!.. They look soo happy sitting there by the lake! That's definetly a kodak moment!” by LiL' LAdY Nov 3, 2006 • Said when something funny happens Creative Consulting Current Web Presence: Snapshot • “Leading online digital photo developing service” • Secure and easy way to view, store and share photos with friends and family • Free editing and creative tools and specialty photo products • Similar to all other online tools Current Web Presence: A Thousand Words Blog • “What’s a picture worth?” • Off-brand, too general • Recent posts include topics as varied as pumpkin carving (incl. hardware tips), a flower photography class, and the end of a NASCAR sponsorship • Should be kept internal Current Web Presence: PluggedIn Blog • “A blog about Kodak products and customers” • Niche market (tech-y consumer) with a general description – needs better targeting • According to Technorati, the blog is ranked 150,646 and has an authority of 43 (in other words, 43 other sites have linked to it) Snapshot: Current Web Presence • Podcasts Twitter Facebook Youtube Flickr Delicious Professional Perceptual Map Cluttered Streamlined Amateur Moments Kodak Moments’ Target Audience • Those who remember the magic of the unexpected, spontaneous Kodak moment • Those old enough to appreciate the idea that life is fleeting, and have little time to preserve their moments through competitor’s cluttered, complicated websites • Those who appreciate a tactile experience like flipping through a photo album Brand Model: New Proposed Web 2.0 Presence Contest Details: “Make this Your Kodak • In order to create a buzz throughout our target market we are promoting a contest using short video clips • These clips will be distributed throughout the web on social networking sites • The winner of the contest will win a vacation tour of Italy were they can make of hilarious as well as special Kodak Moments Make this Your moment Online Ad Placement Mobile Marketing Make this Your moment Conclusion • Through the use of various social media channels, we will reinvent the Kodak brand image with Kodak Moments. • KodakMoments.com will touch the hearts and souls of the target market when they relive passionate still shots in a warming virtual atmosphere. • KodakMoments.com will simplify the online photo experience. Thank you

Ironically, Kodak had another agency come up with a similar idea about a month ago: Make Me Super. This site was created by an ad agency called EVB, owned by Omnicom Group. In reality, their idea is remarkably similar to the "Elf Yourself" OfficeMax campaign, and a lot like the earlier yearbookyourself site which inspired this series of Facebook photos (and our own project):

However, the Make Me Super project seems to lack that defining brand mark. That thing which makes Kodak, Kodak. Where have all the moments gone?

You can hear the entire presentation via a class capture of our group for as long as Temple keeps it up. Hope this isn't any type of privacy violation, haha. As far as I know, this is publicly available content. Anyway, enjoy.

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