28 January, 2009

How and Why America Chose a Black for the White House

Searching for my Italian textbook on international bookseller sites, I noticed and translated this title in my head:

"Barack Obama. Come e perché l'America ha scelto un nero alla Casa Bianca" or "Barack Obama. How and why America chose a black for the White House"

I think it's so interesting how Italy, and Europe in general, perceives this occasion. I had been getting a bunch of emails from Italian contacts right before and after the election.

From: e-mail with professor
Rome, Italy
Penso spesso a Philly e mi manca.. spero di tornare la prossima estate, ma prima dobbiamo aspettare le elezioni del 4 novembre, che paura!!!!!!!!!!! Tutto il mondo si aspetta un cambiamento ed io sono ottimista.
From: my translation
Philadelphia, PA
I think often of Philly and I miss it... I hope to return next summer, but first we must wait for the elections of Nov 4, how frightening / worrisome!!!!! All the world waits for a change and I am optimistic.

On the one hand, they are about as happy as many of us who are glad the Bush era is over. On the other hand, I always wish people would stop referring to him as "The First Black President." I think it was more about inspiring a nation than about him being "black" why he was elected. I might actually add this item to my book for class and take a stab at translating it. See for yourself.

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