23 March, 2009

Normal Conversations Now that Twitter's in Our Lives

My roommate and I both got into Twitter. Neither of us really knew why we started (do any of us really?) but our mutual following and real-life conversations have kept us in the nest, so to speak. Here are some of our more interesting offline conversations that would have seemed really strange a few months ago:

  1. "CNN posted an article about Lance Armstrong today regarding a cycling incident. I checked his Twitter account to see if it was true, and he hadn't posted about it so I dismissed CNN's accusations until I saw his Tweet."
  2. "I had 99 followers, and I really wanted 100, so I made my boyfriend a Twitter account and followed myself. I don't think he knows yet."
  3. "Did you see my Tweet today?"
  4. "We're Tweeple now."

What offline conversations do you have now that you didn't before? Do you ask people to "follow" you in real life, as you once asked them to "friend" you? Would your daily conversations be acceptable or weird to a non-Tweeter? What else has changed about the offline world with these online social networks? Will we ever go back...?

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suZen said...

I am on Twitter - I have no clue why - I don't know what to do when I get there. I'm not a young techy person, but I did get a blog and yes, I've asked friends to follow me - most do not. They don't read blogs, they don't know how to comment, they don't have google accts., they don't know what a blog IS. Yada yada - whatever! It's hard being the only oldie but goodie that refuses to BE an oldie!

Aimz said...

Well, don't feel bad - my grandma is one of my most faithful readers and even figured out how to comment on here a while back, while my middle-aged mother and father can't... I say, being a techie oldie makes you even more goodie!

Anonymous said...

ok - it's your "middle aged mother" here.I need a tweet to tell you that I baked a yummy cake today, and you should come over & have it soon. I'll save it for you. Love you, MOM xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Aimz said...

Yay! You did it :-) You'll have to make another cake when I come home again, because I don't think I'm coming home this weekend.
Love you Momma!

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