27 April, 2009

Unemployed? Quite frankly, I'm JEALOUS!

Because no one's going to blame you for being a "slacker" now.

So I know this may sound weird. I'm the all-around "career woman" with ambition and motivation and all that. I'm totally grateful that I have found myself in a financially secure (as secure as anyone can be, I suppose) position this year and for the upcoming summer, and I worked darned hard to get here. I know there are plenty of other people who have also been working hard all their lives and now find themselves in an unfortunate circumstance. Believe me - a lot of them are my friends, peers, family members, so I understand. I will help anyone to the extent that I am able in finding an internship (see previous post), offering tips for a phone interview, or suggesting follow-up tactics.

However, at this time in our nation you can get away with not having a job or, for that matter a career path. No one can blame you and there are so many interesting and off-beat opportunities bubbling up that I wonder whether I shouldn't be a bit jealous.

For example, the ability to travel cheaply makes month-long European adventures a plausible reality for my soon-to-be-post-grad peers. For some who are continuing school, a restaurant or sales job may be in the making. As much as I despised the restaurant industry while I was in it, few can argue that a summer gig which leaves plenty of room for days at the beach and nights at the bar leaves little to be desired. Finally, I am now thinking back to years ago when I was a summer camp counselor, and before that a summer camp kid. Entering the professional arena, I may never have another chance to roast marshmallows around a campfire while signing "Kumbaya" with guitar accompaniment, or listen to my kiddies sing an a capella rendition of "How Great Thou Art."

Crossroads Camp Counselors-In-Training, Summer 2003

Point being, if you're "jobless" and lacking in direction, you're not only not alone but you'd better realize your fortune. Since there are so many others in your situation right now, no one's going to blame you anymore for not having your career plans worked out 6 months before you graduate.

Stay tuned: if you need more ideas about productive uses of your newly-discovered free time, you'll enjoy my next post.

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suZen said...

There seems to be a huge dust storm in the career path section of life and sounds like you are prepared to wait until the dust settles and just make the most of life - best plan of all in my mind! I waited what seemed to be a bazillion years for my kids to leave home so I could go back to work - HA! - now I'm too old, too non-techy, and all my previous employers are dead, companies gone.....so much for references eh? I'm enjoying the peace and opportunities to let the creative juices flow - in other words, making "do".

Aimz said...

suZen, you crack me up! Making "do" sounds just fine as well :-)

Pam Bellemare said...

I must admit, it's because of this economy that I don't feel so bad that I can't find a job. I'm not a failure-- it's the economy that has failed me! It's also in this sea of joblessness that I find myself thinking things like, "Do I REALLY want to do marketing research for the rest of my life?" The answer? Not if I can help it! So yeah, let's hear it for creative juices and unique opportunities! Economy = lemon. Writing a book, starting a blog, finding all sorts of fun/weird part time jobs = lemonade. :)

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