13 May, 2009

Dishwashing Etiquette

Read if you've ever lived with one or more roommates and had a problem getting dishes done.

  1. Food should be scraped off dishes before washing; accidents (and forgetfulness) happen but clogged drains should be un-clogged promptly
  2. Do not leave dishes in sink unwashed for more than 5 days, or for longer than it takes for flies to collect
  3. Don't leave silverware at the bottom of the sink; just 'cause it's small doesn't mean it's not important
  4. If you use a large pan, colander, or salad-spinner, it's nice if you can clean that up before the next person goes to use the sink -- it's very hard to refill a Brita water container with large items like that in the way
  5. Just because the drying rack is full does not mean you are excused from dish duty
  6. Dry knives immediately so they do not get rusty
  7. If, while drying dishes by hand, your dish rag becomes saturated please throw it in the laundry so that a soppy wet rag is not placed on the counter for someone else to find
  8. Thank you in advance for not playing Jenga with the drying glassware
  9. Occasionally do some extra dishes even if they are not your own because at some point you probably forgot to do a cup or five before, too

Originally envisioned at the end of November 2007; revisited now.

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Do The Right Thing said...

Id love it if you taught this to my roommate..especially the jenga game I find in mine every single time. Haha

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