04 May, 2009

Last Day of Class and No, I'm Not Graduating

So this is freedom for my classmates. The ones graduating on time.

There certainly are a number of us who are taking an extra summer, an extra semester, and even a few - myself included - who are taking an extra year. After transferring universities, disciplines, and majors a few times, the extension and additional student debt was inevitable. I just wish I could celebrate along with all the "last-day-of-class-forever" Facebook status messages and Tweets today.

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Green Gertrude said...

don't worry Amy, when it's your last day of class FOREVER, I'll come back and celebrate with you!

Aimz said...

Thanks roomie - I'm counting on it! Can't wait to celebrate with you next week :-p

Do The Right Thing said...

dont worry...im just as unfortunate or fortunate, however you want to view it, as you. haha

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