06 May, 2009

Turning Man's Trash into My Treasure

Found this little gem on the side of the curb by the AEPi House on North Broad Street. They just renovated their mini-mansion so I assume this is an artifact from that process. But it was just too charming for me to pass up.

I was walking back from class with a friend who happened to be on crutches, so I carried it halfway home and then solicited a neighbor's help the rest of the way.

Rescued Cabinet from the Garbage Collectors

My plans for this treasure go a little something like this:

  1. Rescue abandoned side cabinet from the garbage collectors.
  2. Clean and sandpaper the whole thing. Elbow grease!
  3. Purchase the perfect shade of cranberry paint, and clear a space on backyard patio where it's okay to make a mess.
  4. On a sunny afternoon, do a few coats of this lovely cranberry color.
  5. Purchase knobs for the front. I'm thinking either "Celebration" in antique brass or "Native Romance Nonva" in patine.
  6. Do some calligraphy on the sides i.e. Chinese or Japanese characters.
  7. Fill with bottles, books, or some other useful items.
  8. Love.

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Amy G said...

Thanks for the comment. Your table looks great I would have stopped to pick it up too. I hope decorating loves me back too one day, lol.

Anonymous said...

Saw the finished product......truly a Work of Art!! Love, G'Ma Pat xoxo

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