24 July, 2009

The Best Social Bookmarking Widget for Blogger

This post is for Blogger users who like custom templates and widgets.

Sometimes, it's hard to be a Blogger user, especially when you see cool features in Wordpress that you can't have, like "related posts" widgets and nifty social bookmarking icons that link up automatically to your post.

Recently, I found this code from cheth Studios, and I installed it to my very own blog.

Social Bookmark Icons

Instead of the "Add This" widget which I used to use (also recommended, easier to install and smaller but uses javascript instead), you can now see all the functioning social icons below each of my posts. So go ahead and e-mail, tweet, bookmark, and share to your heart's desire. It can't get any easier.

Thanks, Cheth!

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critter said...


Sam said...

I want a good social bookmarking widget like "Share is Caring" for my blog studyforexams.blogspot.com

Aimz said...

Sam, if you'd like to add the "Sharing is Caring / Sharing is Sexy" plugin for Wordpress to your Blogger blog, please follow the instructions at this blogger's site: http://www.cahayabiru.com/2009/04/add-sexy-social-bookmark-to-your.html. Enjoy!

Zain said...

You might find this helping you if you're on blogger blog..


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