27 September, 2009

Being Lady GaGa

I finally decided on what to be for Halloween. Ok, the choice to be Lady GaGa was the easy part - the rising pop star of 2009 parades around in extravagant costumes on a regular basis. So the hard part was deciding which of her costumes to recreate. With about four costumes per music video, even more during live performances (recently, she changed looks four times at the MTV Video and Music Awards and twice on Saturday Night Live), and a host of unique "everyday" outfits, I finally decided to use the red outfit in her "Beautiful Dirty Rich" video.

Why? I love the song, which was released as a promotional single on September 16, 2008 but never got the radio play that Just Dance, Love Game, and Paparazzi have. The outfit won't be too labor-intensive. And I already have some banana-yellow-colored pumps.

I'm also hoping that my version of Lady GaGa won't be the most popular selection this year, so I can party with the other GaGas without feeling like a clone. If I had more time, I can think of some other great GaGa costumes for the occasion (perhaps her VMA performance of "Paparazzi" with blood dripping down her stomach, or her fantastical bubble costume that she wore during her Fame Ball tour).

At any rate, as a dedicated fan, I decided to outline below some of the basic steps you will need to recreate GaGa's signature style, whatever outfit you choose.

  • If you don't have platinum blonde hair with bangs already, you'll probably want to grab a straight blonde wig. The bob cuts I found in the store were a bit too short (Lady GaGa's new 'do is more shoulder-length) so I bought a long wig for $10 and I'm planning on trimming it myself. It's also going to need a good brushing. You could play around with replicating her curly styles as well, using a Marilyn Monroe wig. Just make sure to pair it with a ridiculous outfit so you don't get your pop icons confused. If you're really daring, you could also try her afro puff look like the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine.
  • Some stunna shades like the classics seen on the face of the lovely lady.
  • You'll also want some black eyeliner and mascara, fake eyelashes, dramatic eyeshadow, and shimmery face powder or a cream skin brightener for that pop star glow. You may also need some cream makeup to create a lightning bolt over one eye for certain looks, and rhinestones never hurt. Check out this cute YouTube tutorial by user MichellePhan for inspiration:
  • "we just like to party, like to p-p-party, yeah / bang, bang, we're beautiful and dirty rich"
    Opaque black pantyhose, or in my case, flesh-colored (it is October, after all, and Lady GaGa is infamous for her no-pants trademark).
  • Fortunately, Lady GaGa keeps her kicks simple. You probably already have a pair that will do. The black bootie style is very popular this season and seen in many of her videos. Anything lace-up, patent, or otherwise embellished will do.

Have fun!

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suZen said...

I just heard on the radio this morning that Lady GaGa is probably the most popular costume. No matter what you wear to look like her, you will be much prettier!

Uncle Chas said...

Hi Amy,
Thanks for the Halloween blog. Yur plans sound like fun. I have no plans to dress up at this time, but have some goodies for any kids who may come by. Chip, Maya, and Olivia will be in town, so it will be fun to see Olivia in her costume -- will send pic.
Uncle Chas

G-Ma Pat said...

Hi Amy! I am always very happy & interested in your postings They are so well written & informative. Halloween has come & gone (I was having trble w/my Apple!) but I hope you had lots of fun @your party. I know you are very busy w/school & work......but, keep the blogs coming! See you soon. Love & hugs, G-Ma Pat xoxoxo

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