01 April, 2011

True Innovation: Spotlight on Google

Today, April 1, 2011, Google is experimenting with some new typefaces for its search results pages (typophiles delight, the Comic Sans font is just lovely!!!) and announced a new program which allows you to navigate your Gmail account using body motion instead of typing with your fingertips.
"Someday, people will be moving their bodies and creating a whole world of things bending to our will, rather than our bodies bending to the will of technology."
- Dr. Klayman, Gmail Motion Scientific Advisor

Important update: April Fools! My cousin sent me one of these, and I found the other through further research as well as a host of others. For more tech-related jokes that big names played on their poor and unsuspecting audiences this year, check out this great list by TechCrunch. Sorry, and you're welcome ;-)

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