15 June, 2011

The Making of "Mr. Nouveau"

This time-lapse video compresses more then 4 hours of drawing into about 5 minutes. If only I could draw this quickly! I actually had a more aggressive vision in the beginning, as you can see I already sketched and began coloring two lion-looking figures (would be a leopard and her cub if I added the spots). I suppose as the saying goes, Rome wasn't built in a day, and I certainly couldn't spend more than that on these drawings. Adding it to the bucket of unfinished projects, for a rainy day...

In the meantime, I envision this graphic being printed on the back of a set of playing cards. Any takers?

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Cousin Richard said...

Love the time-lapse feature. Thanks, dear cousin.

Mom said...

I'd like to order 2 packs of playing cards with your peacock design! Love em!! xo Mom

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