13 July, 2012

Making Money Music

One of the many reasons I love my Mac: Apple Script.

I put together a simple script to remind me every other Friday that I should invoice my clients. Here's what I did:

  1. Create a calendar appointment that recurs every other Friday, since I invoice my clients bi-weekly.
  2. Create an Apple script that will play a specific playlist in iTunes, as well as open a browser window to my invoicing system (Freshbooks - which I love, btw).
  3. Set the calendar appointment to run the Apple script.

Cool, right?

Here's the script I wrote:

tell application "iTunes"
   set this_playlist to playlist "Make Money"
   play this_playlist
end tell
property theURL : ""
tell application "Firefox"
   open location "https://colorandcode.freshbooks.com/menu.php?CB431CBcm91dGU9aW52b2ljZV9saXN0LnZpZXdGQjc0NTAz"

I created a "Make Money" playlist by searching my iTunes library for any songs with the word "money" in them. Not surprisingly, many of the tracks are hip-hop or rap, but there are a handful of oldies and other genres as well. Here is the playlist:

This Making Money reminder is by far one of my favorite productivity hacks. It ensures that I stay on top of invoicing, and it's much nicer on the ears than an alarm clock.

Do you have any "money" motivational tracks in your music library?

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