05 November, 2007

Mobile Blogging Review

So Verizon adds a bunch of annoying text and links at the bottom of messages sent through the PIX/FLIX feature directly to Blogger (or anywhere). I have a VX8100. Thinking of upgrading soon but still trying to squeeze the useful life out of this one by exploring its other features etc. And I am a bit attached.

Mobile Blogging through VX8100's PIX msg feature - Pros:

  • 1000 characters.
  • Ability to include a picture, video, or sound...
  • ...which seems to agree with Blogger as well, saving me a little time not having to use the "upload" feature.
  • Only have to pay the PIX/FLIX message fee, no online fees.
  • Helps me get my thoughts out when I have them, not hours later. I mean, when don't I have my cell near me? A girl's gotta stay connected!

Mobile Blogging through VX8100's PIX msg feature - Cons:

  • Image did not default to centered and seems to be in some other format than regular images uploaded to Blogger.
  • Aforementioned annoying text.
  • Cannot classify posts through mobile message.

I could actually sign online through my phone but I'd have to pay either $5/month or $1/ 24 hours. Might come in handy when I'm in Italy, have service, and don't have a laptop or computer available. Other than that I don't think I'd be using the internet on my phone when I usually have free computers all around. This method would also require me to pay for "Mobile Web" and who knows how much that is. I wasted about 2 minutes just reading the prices!

The TXT message feature on my phone cannot send subjects, and has a 160-character limit. So unless I want a post that says the same thing as it's title - and very quickly - I will not be using that method.

The good thing about Blogger, though, is that it has the option to edit the posts before posting them on my blog. So I can use that feature in conjunction with my phone to get thoughts out if necessary throughout the day. Obviously my direct-to-blog ideal will have to wait for my next phone purchase.

And you will have to wait for my next update: another fun phone trick / media item. Hint: It's a sound clip. It's relateable, you will like it.

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