21 January, 2008

La Scuola

(The School)

We are now entering our second week of classes, so I figured it would be a good time to post some pictures of our quasi-campus, which I had a hard time finding last week because it looks like THIS:

Continue on, continue on... nothing to see here.

Our scuola.

How I get to Scuola.

First impressions... Super-easy to take the bus to school, once you figure out where you're going. Not a bad walk, either. Metro is also easy enough, with only 2 lines. I explained to my Philadelphia-native-friend, "Metro line A is like the Broad Street - North line, Metro line B is like the Market - Frankford line, and Termini is like City Hall." Why don't they explain it to us like that at Orientation???

Classes are going to be a lot harder than expected, especially seeing as only half of them (two) are counting towards my graduation requirements, and the other two are electives.

A bit of culture shock also setting in today, but I will write about these adventures later.

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