17 January, 2008

La Mia Camera da Letto

(My Bedroom)

Last night I was online with my parents and realized I hadn't really posted anything about where I'm living! A few days ago, I made a video for you all to see of my humble Italian accommodations. The apartment in general is actually much bigger than I had expected, and thankfully I get my own bedroom whereas in the Residence I would have to share one bedroom with 2 other girls. I share the family bathroom, and there is also a kitchen, a small computer room, and a living room. My bedroom used to be the Au Pair's room when the boys were younger. And of course there is a balcony out back which connects to both my room and the kitchen. Here is the video I made with my digital camera:

I should probably put this on YouTube... but anyway, click here to see the video.

Some other pictures of my room and apartment:

Don't Look Down...

Kitchen Connection

The Boys

By the way, if anyone wants to send me mail...
You should send it to the school with my name and:

Temple University Rome
Lungotevere Arnaldo da Brescia, 15
00196 Rome, Italy

If you want to send a package, there are specific instructions to ensure that it will get through Customs, so ask me for these before sending any presents over ;-)

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