06 February, 2008

Fare le spese: the Necessities

(To do shopping)

Today, I finally found some useful necessities which I have been lacking for the past few weeks. Balsamo (conditioner), for example, which is very hard to come by because most of what they sell is shampoo. I had been running off of my travel-sized samples and/or washing my hair less frequently, like the Romans do. Now, my hair feels so silky smooth! Deodorant, also a necessity but hard to come by. Q-tips, a small mirror for my room, and face wipes were also included in the €18 purchase. Cosmetics and medicines may be the only things cheaper in Italy than in the States. Less demand = lower prices, hehe.

By the way, I am calling it “the States” now.

Still to find: face wash, nail polish remover, band-aids.
E devo fare la spesa (And I need to do grocery shopping)!
Then my life will be complete.

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