12 February, 2008

Italian Keyboards

Interesting to note that the Italian keyboard differs slightly from its American counterpart. Punctuation marks are in different locations, so I keep making weird typos, and the @ key is impossibly hard to find when attempting to send e-mails. I still hesitate for a good 6 seconds every time I go to send something before I find it again - which, by my book, is molto lento (very slow). You have to hit the "Alt+Gr" key in order to type it. Whatever that means. Alt+Gr, you're crampin' my style!!

Also included in this fascinating keyboard are shortcuts for € (Alt+Gr+E) and àèìòù near the Enter key, plus éç°§ accessible with the Shift key. And a host of other pecularities which make me very conscious of my fingers while typing, such as a minuscule Shift key on the left.

I'm just glad I didn't study abroad in Temple Tokyo. Imagine how lost I'd be on THAT keyboard...

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