26 June, 2008


Shopping trip at Macy's today, King of Prussia Mall. If anyone needs hints for my birthday... here's a very subtle one.

Gladiators by Michael Kors

MICHAEL Michael Kors "Berkley" T-Strap

19 June, 2008

Ice Cweam

I can't believe ice cream trucks are still around. I made this in honor of the one I saw on my street today. I was tempted to buy something from it but resisted the urge to hail it down like a maniac, and went to Cold Stone Creamery later in the day instead. Something about being 20 and buying ice cream from a truck (by myself) just seems wrong. But I'm glad kids still enjoy it - I hope.

11 June, 2008


I'm already halfway through the first summer session (thank goodness I only decided to take one course and not four this summer)! We had our midterm today for Intro to Risk Management and Insurance. I think I did pretty well, considering I had pink eye and missed two out of four days last week. It really set me back but thankfully the midterm was all about concepts. My friend Ryan called me the "Concept Queen" once. I get concepts. Anyway we'll see what happens with this semester... by the way, last semester ended up with all A's. Maybe I should have done less studying abroad, haha.

03 June, 2008

CAT got my Tongue

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