12 October, 2008

Mural Projects

I started making two murals - which have stared me in the face as "works in progress" since high school. One is outlined on my sliding closet doors in black sharpie marker, waiting to be painted.

Mural Outlines

Click to enlarge.

The other began as a collage on some scrap foamcore in the art room long ago, and has been sitting propped up against my bedroom wall for a few years now. I decided to pick it up again the other day and it was very inspirational, both as art therapy and as a confidence booster. I don't always like the way my art projects turn out, but this one seems to have all the workings of a great piece. It still has a way to go, but I've made significant progress on it over the past few weeks...(Envisioned by Amy at 03:03 Tuesday 12 August, 2008).

I finished! Just before moving back here. I had to get it done and nearly pulled an all-nighter on Saturday 30 August, but it's now complete and hanging in my apartment downstairs:

This is me when I finished... after getting home from V Lounge in New Brunswick, near daylight, still dressed up, smeared makeup, but very happy!

Happy in the morning

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G-Ma Pat said...

Wow, Amy! Quite a project....can't wait to see it "in person" . That's you in the green dress......right?? & are those familiar faces in the lower lefthand corner? I'll have to study the rest of the collage to appreciate it. You sure do keep busy......& I know you burn the midnight oil. Love you & miss you.....hope to see you soon! Love & hugs, G-Ma xoxo Keep up to good work/we're proud of you.

NewWrldYankee said...

Wow Amy, that is stunning! I love that you used different mediums, so it is 3D - esp the peacock feather.

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