14 October, 2008

Old School icanhascheezburger

Remember when I posted these Lolcats in June? (A few more to refresh your memory...)

Something in my teeth

(more animals)

Today, I found something remarkably similar, dating back to the 1900's. It's from an archive at Duke University. The illustration is part of a scrapbook collection of cut & pasted images - who knows where this one came from originally. But the comparison of humor in the 1900's to the humor of today is remarkable - seems we are still fascinated by the inner workings of our pets. Its caption reads, "HA! HA! HA! I'VE EATEN THE CANARY!" Click for a larger view:

Bye, Bye Birdie Image 35 -- Hawley Scrapbook - Item #SB0058
Emergence of Advertising On-Line Project; F. W. Humphrey and Co.
Duke University Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library

Although I've never had a cat, I have always wondered what my dog Luci might be thinking. Here's a few images I made for a calendar I gave to my sister last year:

Let's be friends. From left: Luci (calm and lazy), Jersey (my cousin's energetic, fiery puppy)

Playtime Is it playtime now?

Some things never change. What would your pets say if we could hear them??

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NewWrldYankee said...

That is so cute! Hey, Amy, I have a proposition for you, since you are no longer blogging about Europe anymore. Check you email...

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