04 November, 2008

Don't Worry

I don't have tonsilitis (I don't think) but I did re-publish an old post by accident so it got sent to anyone with an e-mail subscription even though it was from about a year ago.

But I am sick. So your warm wishes are appreciated. I made myself some delicious chicken-less noodle soup last night (I should start a recipe book for the easiest no-measure college meals ever made) and have been drinking a lot of tea and resting, and I have a doctor's appointment bright and early tomorrow so we can figure out what's wrong with me. It feels like something is wrong with my sinuses, and my body is really achy, but it all started out with a sore throat two days ago. Last week's festivities took a toll on my health. I can't say it wasn't worth it, though.

Pictures to come.

Don't forget to vote. My absentee ballot was express mailed yesterday.

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puttaparthi said...

hey how are you? thank you sweetheart
for you comment,

have nice day

keep in touch

with best regards from krish

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