09 November, 2008

International Business Association (IBA): Director of Web Development (and more)...

Check out the work I've been doing lately for Temple's International Business Association... I was appointed webmaster for the semester and have been doing a lot of other oddjobs as well, including research/designs for getting coffee mugs and tee shirts printed with our logo.

The current IBA website is based on an archaic version which was used in the past. The entire site is essentially one graphic, with text overlapping in various places and poor coding. Not to mention the misspelling "Philidelphia" in the footer of every page:

The revamped,browser-friendly website looks like this:

It is updated with a Google Calendar on the "Events" page, a new membership application form, PayPal links for paying member dues, and more.

We're working on a whole new design with green as an accent color to generate the idea of a map or globe. This might change but it's a start. The design uses CSS so it loads quickly in most browsers.

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