13 November, 2008

Gilles Tran: 3D Genius

I recently discovered this 3D artist from France named Gilles Tran. I think his art is absolutely amazing from both a technical and artistic perspective. He uses a lot of the software and tools I use to create my own art, so it's truly an inspiration to look at his work. I really don't know anything about him other than what's posted on his website, have never heard of him before, and have no idea if he does this stuff commercially or just for fun (well of course most artists hope to make some sort of money doing what they love, right?), but I felt the need to post about him when I found this incredible statement in his online gallery.

Those of you who know me personally will probably laugh out loud when you see the title...

The 3D model he used is from Daz3D (see ad in my bright pink sidebar), and is a free resource for the 3D community.

The amazing part is, I have seen so much 3D art I'm almost sick of seeing these figures everywhere. But Gilles has managed to make me go "wow" at almost every piece of art in his gallery (or at least once per page). The environments he creates for his characters are stunning, as is the lighting, the composition, the textures, everything. For those who can't appreciate 3D art from a technical perspective, see this rendering of NYC and tell me it doesn't look like a photo:

Then, look at his description of how he made the image.

Okay, now you guys know why I love 3D.

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NewWrldYankee said...

Wow that pic is amazing...I kinda want to see more of your art now. Is it online somewhere, or can you post it here? I still remember the collage that first made me comment.

vanillagrrl said...

That is great. Thanks for sharing it.

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