12 March, 2009

Here Comes Trouble

Photo upload from Flickr: Here Comes Trouble

HCT Design Mode Description: Conceptualized, designed, printed, compiled, and burned the pieces for this audio gift set given by my mom to her childhood friend.

Uploaded a graphic design set I did for mom last year. Going through old computer files sure can be fun sometimes! This is a CD "identity" I came up with after she described her summers with best friend Lilly working at the Jersey shore in the 70's. I really had fun with this design, and I even enjoyed some stories regarding the musical selections which were burned onto these CDs, but most of all I'm glad it ended up in the hands of two women who I know appreciated it... and that's the most a designer can ever really hope for :-)

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Anonymous said...

Loved this posting! I forwarded it to Lilly. And the CD is my favorite... Love Mom

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