06 March, 2009

Deƨigual at Macy's - I'm Seeing Stars!

Deƨigual Logo"Afterwards we went into a shop called Deƨigual where a unique jacket had caught my eye. The jacket was really expensive but I ended up with a brightly-colored top and a new favorite store."
- Spring break last year in Barcelona

Deƨigual Jacket

Last weekend I went shopping for a business suit at the Center City Macy's in Philadelphia. Glanced over to the designer clothing department for a minute, spotted a unique-looking jacket and said to my friend, "That reminds me of a design I fell in love with in Spain last spring," looked at the label and sure enough, Deƨigual! So excited to see them making their American debut, unfortunately the price tag is about the same - around $450 for the jacket, which is similar to the €300 price tag I saw last year. What can I say, I have good taste.

Here's the Spring '09 promotional video on YouTube:

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Anonymous said...

i love DeƧigual! It's my fave store! I have a top from there! ♥

Amy Pospiech said...

I saw another one of their jackets just two weeks ago at a shop called Anik on Third Avenue in NYC. Again, I almost bought it but I decided to hold off in favor of a summer dress I can actually wear in this heat wave we've been having! One day soon...

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