06 November, 2009

Being Lady GaGa: Success!

This post is at least a week late, but I just copied the pictures from my memory card. Lady GaGa fans and people who love dressing up for Halloween: read on. Also, check out the previous post about my costume for background.

October 24, 2009: fun on the subway to Caroline’s birthday / early Halloween party. The costume was a hit, the paparazzi took plenty of pictures, but I need a better head scarf. Attempts to remove my sunglasses were made the entire night, but I politely responded that it’s all part of the Poker Face. Below, I am holding a rolled up GaGa bill, à la the music video in which there is plenty of money to burn

GaGa in Philadelphia
My backup dancer Minh looked great with his matching yellow shoes. Watch the video, and you’ll get it.

Backup Dancer
GaGa and “Babe Lincoln” got along well.

GaGa with Babe Lincoln
October 30, 2009: party at our humble abode in Manayunk (basement and upstairs, could have fit 10x more people). Costume featured a better headscarf made from a $5 fabric scarf from Wal-Mart, lighter skin and darker lipstick.

October 31, 2009: with old friends in New Brunswick. Costume by this point lacking a belt (forgot it in Philadelphia) and proper pantyhose. Also could not find my digital camera after our party which I fortunately found tucked between my dresser and laundry bin in my room after the weekend. My friend from home Amanda was over, I have a small room, long story. The only pics I like from this night were snapped on someone’s cell phone, so I am not posting them. However, I did meet one GaGa who rivaled my own look. Meet, GUY GAGA!

Guy GaGa

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suZen said...

What a fun time! Thanks for sharing these pictures!

Katelin said...

you look fierce! LOVE IT.

G-Ma Pat said...

Amy, just looked @the pics from party. Should I ask if that was YOU in the subway???!!! Great outfit. Don't know original GaGa Girl, but I'm sure she'd be honored but jealous of you. Loved all the pics!

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