25 December, 2009

I Must Have Been Good This Year

Santa left some very nice presents under the Christmas tree!


Still figuring some of them out, but I am now blogging in front of the TV from my smart phone while my sister plays on dad's new PS3 :-)

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all!

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Anonymous said...

Ah... Santa knows!!!
Love Santa

patricia Ventura said...

Hi Amy! You know I always enjoy getting your blogs! Of course, for this one I had to do some research, only knowing "droid" as a robot! Well, now I know exactly what it is!! Just amazing what this can do. Enjoy your newest gift. Too advanced for G-Ma, but made to order for creative minds like yours!! Amy, I love you very much & wish you happiness in the New Year. Looking forward to your graduation day in 5 months!! Love & hugs, G-Ma Pat

Uncle Chas said...

Hi Amy,
Best of the season to you, Laura, Mom, and Dad. Good luck with your Droid, the latest rival for the I-Phone.
Uncle Chas

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