09 January, 2008

La Vita Bella: Reflecting on my life right now

Sfortuna (unfortunately), I got a sinus infection before leaving for Rome. But to put things into perspective, three of my girlfriends were involved in a car accident about a week before my departure. The past two weeks have been such a rush of emotions: from excited to astonished to angry and upset to ecstatic to anxious and apprehensive, and back to excited again.

I spend all day at the hospital Friday the 28, praying for my best friend's life and grieving the loss of her cousin - a positive, radiant young woman of 18. So many questions filling my head. How did this happen? Why Kylie? Will Heather be okay? Just over 10 days later, and I'm starting my semester in a foreign country. What a life this is! So dolce but so fleeting. I want to remember and cherish every last bit of it. And I want Heather, Melissa, and Kylie to know that I love them and that my prayers are with their entire family, and that this unfortunate situation has enlightened my own.

I miss home already. The language, the comfort, the familiarity. But it will be there 4 months from now when I return. I want my sinus infection to go away, but I still have my life, and what an opportunity this is to live it in ROME!

La Vita Bella... and truly, it is. <3

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