12 January, 2008

Sono Stanca

(I am tired)

Yesterday, we had to wait all day on campus for the "Permesso di Sognorno" and to get wireless internet access. I also got a cell phone so I will be able to stay in touch with students at the Residence. I felt so gross and needed to go home before attempting to go out, so I missed dinner with the other homestay students :-( There are only 5 of us this semester!

It turned out to be an interesting night. I went to meet up with Katie at the Residence around 10:30, but we didn't end up leaving until about midnight. Which is when the busses and metro stop running, except for the night busses which we haven't figured out yet. Of course no one knows what they are doing in Rome right now, so there were flocks of American students walking towards some unknown destination. We finally agreed on Art Café, a nice club somewhere in Villa Borghese. We walked all the way to Piazza del Popolo, which is a little past campus, in the rain (and me in stilettos). Finally we asked for directions and it turns out we had passed the turn we were supposed to make. So a group of students broke off and took a cab but we kept walking. All throughout Villa Borghese's cobblestone paths. Until finally...

We came across a beautiful mansion-turned-restaurant playing Rihanna's "Please Don't Stop the Music," which we presumed to be the club. (American pop is ubiquitous. Britney Spears' "Gimme More" was playing in the grocery store on Tuesday when I arrived.) As we approached, we immediately felt out of place. We had expected Art Café to be an upscale destination, but this was ridiculously beyond our expectations. An Italian couple noticed us peering at the menu posted on the gate outside, and asked if we were trying to go inside. He said that he was the director. And the (very beautiful) woman said to ask for Christian. ???

There was no way we were getting in. The second we approached the glass doors, the doorman disappeared, locking the door behind him. Stupid Americans.

Slightly discouraged and feeling pretty damp and frizzy from the rain, we descended the marble staircase once again, and waited for a cab to go home. Even the cab driver at Villa Borghese looked different. Much more clean cut, wearing a turtleneck sweater, and even driving a nicer cab. We asked him what was going on up there. He told us in Italian that it was a very important party, a premier.

We took the cab to Art Café. We didn't get in. It was about 1:30 by then. Finally, we went home. But looking up online which movies premiered last night....

Bianco e Nero?

No way.

11 Gennaio, 2008.

Bianco e Nero Poster

And Ambra Angiolini looks remarkably like the woman that told us to ask for Christian. Who knows. At any rate, half-attending the premier of Bianco e Nero was way better than a night clubbing at Art Café. There will be plenty of time for that in the coming weeks. Tonight, a more relaxed night in preparation for Todi tomorrow!

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Grandma Pat said...

Hi Amy! just read your post about your culture shock ($$$$) Sounds like you had a hectic day! Kudos to you for not giving up/glad you were finally able to get the train tickets. No wonder everyone loves the USA!! I'm sure by the time you are on the train toward Venice you will have forgotten all about the trouble & looking forward to the Carnevale! Have a wonderful time (just be careful). Can't wait to read all about it.
We have enjoyed all your pictures, especially the 65 from Umbria.....Love, hugs & kisses, Grandma Pat xoxo

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